• A. E. Vickery

A. E. Vickery

Ability: Advanced
Depth: 65' - 120'
Built: 1861
Sunk: August 16, 1889

This dive site is on the U.S. side of the river - passport needed and 30 hours notice minimum.

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The Vickery was a schooner originally launched as the J.B. Penfold in 1861 and renamed in 1884. She struck a shoal in August of 1889 and sank. The Pilot was nearly killed by angry Captain Massey who shouted profanities and pointed a revolver at him but the ships mate came to the rescue and pitched the revolver overboard at an opportune moment. This site has a strong surface current with the wreck starting at 65'.with the opportunity of penetrating the wreck if you are appropriately certified.

​For entry into the U.S., group leaders please submit the customs information to the shop 1 week prior to each dive trip to U.S. waters. You will need a form for each trip

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