Annie Falconer

Ability: Advanced
Depth: 80'
Built: 1867
Sunk: November 12, 1904

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Built in 1867, this two masted schooner foundered between False Duck & Timber Islands and sank on Nov. 12, 1904. 110'x24'x9', she lies in about 80' of water on a mud bottom. The stern, broken off, lies close to the main hull which itself is beginning to show signs of her age.
The Annie Falconer is a beautiful wreck with many details still in great shape. Not as deep as the Olive Branch which is just a few kilometres away, the conditions are otherwise virtually identical.
Having its stern ripped off and lying slightly to the starboard side. The wheel is still in place on the relocated section, which is quite intact.
Two massive anchors were ripping the ship apart for years and what was once a level decking at the front has now been wrenched wildly from the split at the tip of the bow. One of the anchors has mercifully fallen, but the other remains
Immediately after descending the line you will see two small plaques, the white one being a warning that the bow may collapse at any time and is a hazard to divers.
To commemorate the work that has been done on this ship and the lives that were lost on her, there is a sizeable granite memorial at the base of the bow on the port side. You will need to get quite close to be able to read the letters carved into the black stone face, but it is well worth the effort.
Despite the damage at the bow and stern this wreck is in very good condition and has several small artifacts that are easy to find. Much of her equipment can be found with the wreck eg. deadeyes, anchors, wheel, blocks, chain etc. Naturally, zebra mussels prevail, having improved the visibility but taken their toll by abscuring most of the ship's structure.

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