• Ash Island Barge (Belly Dumper)

Ash Island Barge (Belly Dumper)

Ability: Intermediate to Advanced
Depth: 50' - 120'
Built: N/A
Sunk: N/A

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From Rockport, Ontario, a short boat trip West to Ash Island. Usually a small jug marking the site and following the jug line down the island side will bring you to the wreck site. Ash Island barge is located at the south east end of Ash Island in 80 to 120 feet of water. Lots of Periwinkle shells are scattered around the site. 

This is a wooden barge 30’x 40’. There is no superstructure to speak of yet there are two or three holds where you can still see her cargo of rock. You can also see some of the mechanisms for opening the bottom and dumping the cargo. 

In the water the shore line drops off quickly with a rock bottom. The wreck lies in a bay and the current starts 50 feet off the wreck and it is very ease to dive this site with virtually no current. If you go off the wreck there is a fairly strong current that will take you down river fast, if this does happen swim north. Boat traffic can be heavy at times and a safety sausage is recommend. 

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