• Centeen Memorial Dive Park

Centeen Memorial Dive Park

Created: 2015

Depth: 35 - 40 feet
Ability: Novice

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Brockville, Ontario has become the first community in Canada to host an underwater sculpture park!

Known as the Centeen Memorial Dive Park and located in the St. Lawrence River, it is populated with concrete statues of people, sturgeons and even park benches aimed at preventing novice divers from accidentally damaging the area’s shipwrecks—some which date back to the War of 1812.

The statues have various themes including nature and commemoration. One series in the park consists of five human sculptures looking upward as a memorial to those who have lost their lives on the busy St. Lawrence Seaway.

Creation of the park started in 2015 with the assistance of the City of Brockville, as well and the students of our local schools who constructed many of the statues. Currently there are 24 statues in the water. On June 18th 2016 up to 9 more were added to the park—including mermaids, turtles, more humans, and a clownfish inspired by the Disney character Nemo.

Remember to get your Dive Token! The annual fee is $10.00 but will help pay to upgrade the facilities at Centeen Park to enhance the diver experience. Funds raised will allow us to maintain, improve and expand the newly created Centeen Memorial Dive Park and underwater Sculpture Park. Its a small price to pay for unlimited access to this excellent diving resource!

Dive token also makes an excellent souvenir of your diving experience in Brockville, "Home of the Best Fresh Water Diving in the World!"

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