• Conestoga


Ability: Novice
Depth: 30'
Built: 1878
Sunk: May 22, 1922

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A shore dive found at the intersection of Hwy #2 and Shanley Road (County Rd #22) in Cardianal (just East of Prescott). Follow County Road #22, south of Hwy #2 towards the river and at the bottom of the hill make a right past the Legion hall. As you look upstream, her rusty engine stands out of the water just 50 feet from shore. Follow the dirt road to the end. 

The Conestoga, a wooden passenger / package steam freighter was traversing the locks in 1922, just upstream when she caught fire. Afraid that it would burn the locks, she was "flushed" out of the lock, and drifted to where she sits today. 

Known as the "Connie" she is 253' in length, and sits in only 30 feet. Even though she burned to the water line, there are many artifacts to explore. Her expansion engine is one of the highlights, you could almost see how the engine functioned. Looking at her stern her massive four blade propeller has been the site of many photo opportunities. The rudder and steering mechanism lie in the clay base downstream from the stern. Dropping Inside her hull, the current is much easier to navigate. There you will find lots of things to look at. 


Just ahead of the engine you will cross over her massive boilers. Winches, deck fittings, even a "donkey engine" (a small steam winch used to pull in ropes) sits under some of the iron work that scatters around the wreck. As you enter the bow you will see her large windlass and huge links of chain. 


Many who visit the Connie, will then climb over her side and enjoy the drift back to her stern. This time explore the other side of the inner hull. At one time she was outfitted with steel plates to help support her hull. Many pieces of rusty plates have fallen off, so exercise caution not to get caught or cut from the remaining plates and large nails along her top and sides. 

This site is perfect for less experienced divers due to it's usually mild current and shallow depth.

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