• Henry C. Daryaw

Henry C. Daryaw

Ability: Advanced
Depth: 90'
Built: 1919
Sunk: November 21, 1941

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The Henry C. Daryaw is a steel freighter built in GD. Quevilly, France in 1919. She is 219' x 35' x 13' with a gross tonnage of 1265. While crossing a shoal around Crossover Island on Nov. 21, 1941 she tore a large gash in her starboard side. 

The crew was fortunate to row ashore, and only the ships mechanic was lost onboard. Numerous salvage attempts to pull her more firmly on to the shoal (with cables from steam tractors on the cliff) failed when the cables broke and she slipped upside down to the bottom of the shoal (90' depth) with her bow facing upstream. 

The surface current is quite quick (2-3 knots), although once you reach the bottom, it becomes less. As you descend the mooring line you will be greeted by her large twin propellers. A second rope leads you around her starboard side and looking up under the wreck you can see the ladder that once lead to the wheel house, the cargo holds and assorted deck fittings. 

Reaching her bow, many divers will climb her keel and drift down the back of the wreck. There you can see the gash that caused her sinking. 

Due to the many portholes and open hatchways, a dive light is recommended to look inside the wreck. Penetration however is strongly discouraged as the interior is starting to decay and fall in. 

The Daryaw Drift

For those who like to see the various changes in the river bottom, the Daryaw Drift offers vast rock formations and troughs to follow. Begin by descending the mooring line at the Daryaw. After a quick look at the twin props, with your buddy in tow - you simply let yourself drift with the currents. As you break over the rock ledge directly behind the wreck you'll be around 40 feet depth. From here you have a choice of three courses to follow. 

Keeping more to the left, you'll see various rock formation and sudden depth changes to keep an eye on. Eventually you may finish your dive near the old Dockers place. 

Allowing the river currents to carry you along, you'll pass over several troughs and the depth is generally the same throughout the dive. This time you may reach the Lighthouse down stream of the Daryaw. 

Finally, you could move more South and actually follow the several rock passages as they lead back toward the river channel. 

When doing any drift diving in the river, it is highly recommended that you carry a Dive Flag at all times. It makes it easier for other boaters to see you, the Captain will know where you are, and can be near by when you finish your dive.

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