• Keystorm


Ability: Novice to Advanced
Depth: 20' - 118'
Built: 1908
Sunk: October 12, 1912

This dive site is on the U.S. side of the river - passport needed and 30 hours notice minimum.

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Keystorm Built in 1908, this 2300 ton (256' x43') steel steamer with 2 boilers and a triple expansion, 3 cylinder engine was captained by Capt. L. Daigualt. She was carrying 2230 tons of Bituminous coal bound for Ashtabula, Ohio, when 45 min. past Alexandria Bay in heavy fog on Oct. 12, 1912 she crossed over Outer Scow Island Shoal. The pumps were put into operation immediately, but 5 hours later she sank stern first rolling over. 

The Keystorm lays on her starboard side; her bow is at 20' depth and her stern is at 115'. She was deemed unsalvageable with double wrappings of 4" cable at 20' intervals remaining from salvage attempts (her cargo was salvaged). 

The 'after' house contained the galley, dining room, crew's men, and quarters for the chief oiler's, second engineer, and firemen. The captains cabin, and the rest of the crew's quarters were in the forward quarters. The pilot house was also arranged for canal service. She was rediscovered by accident by divers diving the Oakbay (a.k.a. Henry C. Daryaw) who had been given directions to a wreck. The directions were approximately. 100 yards off the opposite side of the shoal. They gave up their search for the wreck and returned to spear fish a school of Walleyes they found on their earlier wreck search, when they stumbled on the Keystorm; a now well visited wreck. 

With the recent issues about boarder crossing and it's implications, U.S. Customs require all divers going to the American dive sites to fill in the attached form and submit or fax this form to the shop 1 week before each dive trip to U.S. waters. 

For entry into the U.S., group leaders can Submit Customs information to the shop 1 week prior to each dive trip to U.S. waters. You will need a form for each trip.

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