• Rockport Wall

Rockport Wall

Ability: Intermediate to Advanced
Depth: Max 200ft
Built: N/A
Sunk: N/A

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Located in the town of Rockport this wall dive is accessible as a shore dive after asking for permission from the restaurant to dive off of their dock or as a boat dive where your boat drifts along with you (attended of course!) This wall is a popular check out site for advance dive courses as you can go as deep as you want to go in nice easy levels. Remember to never go deeper than your training or experience dictates. 

Additionaly you can take a short boat ride to two other great wall dives from Rockport. Further upstream is a nice wall dive that can reach over 200 feet in depth. However you can enjoy the shelfs that make up the wall formations and see some of the local fish life. 

Across the bay along the shores of Club Island you can enjoy a long drift dive as you watch the wall glide by where your boat drifts along with you. Most divers will end up in a quiet bay where the boat will be waiting to pick you up. 

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