• Rothesay


Ability: Novice
Depth: 20' - 30'
Built: 1868
Sunk: September 12, 1889

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A shore dive found on Hwy #2 just East of Brockville at the end of Merwin Lane. There is a change booth at the road-side park. From there follow the steps at the East end of the parking area (recently fixed up by SOS) down to the beach where you can suit up at the picnic tables. Looking out into the river you'll see some buoys and jugs. The jug closest to shore is what you're looking for. From there a rope will guide you through the weed bed and onto the wreck. 

This 193' wooden twin sidewheel passenger steamer sank when she collided with a tug in 1889. Latter in 1901, the Royal Military College, Kingston, used her for explosive practice and left behind the "debris field" in the midsection. 

She sits in 20' - 30' of water facing upstream with hardly any current. The guide rope will bring you just ahead of the stern. As you make your way to the bow you'll pass her fallen smokestack and what is left of the starboard paddle wheel. Only the metal rings are left as other divers have removed the wooden paddles. 

Coming onto her bow you will see the undercut where she struck the tug. The "chain locker" is easily visible through this hole. Drifting down her length there are many metal pipes and timbers to watch out for. Just ahead of the boilers her "walking beam" rests over the keel. Her stern is intact and the "rudder post" still stands as if waiting to be turned by the captain. 

A great site for less experienced divers and very popular as a night dive. Numerous fish and pike live around the site. Pulling yourself along the Rothesay Express, many smaller fish will dart in and out of the weed bed on either side of you. 

P.S. Look for the purser's safe! 

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