• The Helen C.

The Helen C.

Walk-On or Group bookings 2 - 12 divers, Located at St. Lawrence Park, Brockville

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The Helen C. is a 32', custom built pontoon boat that is very stable in all conditions. She sports twin 4 stroke Yamaha outboards. She can easily accommodate up to 12 divers with equipment, with lots of room to gear up and move around.

Her large front and side decks permits multiple divers simultaneous entry and is wheelchair accessible.

The most unique feature of the Helen C. is her inboard re-entry. A retractable staircase is lowered between the pontoons and provides a stable platform for removal of fins, making re-entry a breeze.

After a drift dive, the staircase is a real bonus. The captain places the boat downstream and the divers simply drift onto the staircase and back onto the boat.

  • 2 divers minimum.

Let us know if you are looking for a buddy.

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