• The Sir Robert Peel 

The Sir Robert Peel 

Built: 1837
Sunk: May 29, 1838

Depth: 80' - 135'

Ability: Advanced 

Starting from

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The Peel is a small sidewheel passenger steamer built in Brockville in 1837 had a very short life above the water line. During the Upper Canada Rebellion Pirate Bill Johnson stole the Peel but unable to start the ship they set it on fire! You'll find the burned out remains of this historic ship wreck resting with her stern in 135', the bow in 95' and the boiler in 80' in a fairly strong current on the US side of the river.

​For entry into the U.S., group leaders please submit Customs information to the shop 1 week prior to each dive trip to U.S. waters. You will need a form for each trip.

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