• Torpedo Run

Torpedo Run

Ability: Intermediate to Advanced
Depth: 24'
Built: N/A
Sunk: N/A

Starting from

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One at the beginning, Lock 28, and another vehical at the Conestoga Parking Area to bring you back around. 

Starting at the Wee Hawk, drift along the old lock floor. There is some debris in the middle of the canal that breaks the current and attracts large walleyes. You will see the bottom change and as you drift along. keep to your right as you drift out of the lock and enter the canal. As you get closer to the "Gap" you will feel the current pulling you through the gap. It is suggested that you hold on to your partner to prevent getting separated. As you race through the gap the current will throw you out into the current of the main channel, which can be swift. 

Keep to your LEFT! 

With a little work, you will feel the current slowing and a sloping wall to your Left. Stay around 25 feet, watch your air consumption, and you are likely to be able to get a quick look at the Conestoga on the same drift. 

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