Ear Shield - Water Repellent Ear Spray

Ear Shield - Water Repellent Ear Spray


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Part Number:D1A-ES Manufacturer: Dive 1st Aid

EarShield is a personal skin care cosmetic spray for conditioning and cleansing of the ears prior to water based activities. Delivering a fine metered spray of a unique blend of water repellent Olive, Mineral & Tea Tree Oil into the outer ear, finely coating the auditory canal, giving a conditioning water repellent and cleansing action.  Each spray contains approximately 0.05ml of oil solution and should be sprayed into the ears prior to entering the water.

The product is packaged into a unique injection molded carrying case with a resealable lid.  This allows the product to be carried in dive bags, swim bags, pool or beach bags without a chance of the product being accidentally dispensed. The case is also water resistant and designed to float if dropped into the water.

  • Use before water based activities
  • Conditions and cleans ear canal
  • Helps prevent water intrusion
  • Avoid earaches and bacteria

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