• Snorkeling Adventure

Snorkeling Adventure

Snorkeling Adventures on a chartered boat on the St Lawrence River!

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The Snorkel Adventure begins at the dive shop where you pick up your rentals and then head to St. Lawrence Park, where you will board the Helen-C.

We will first take you to Molly's Gut where there's very little current, you can easily snorkel around and explore a real shipwreck!

Then a short boat ride across the channel to Sparrow Island where the wreck of the Lillie Parsons lays at 50'. You may not be able to see the wreck, but you will have the thrill of drifting around Sparrow Island and into the shallow bay where there is lots of marine life and rock formations to explore.

Please bring a bathing suit and towel, we supply a Wet Suit, Mask, Snorkel and fins for your experience. 

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